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About Us

Dermal Skin Therapist

I started in the aesthetic industry at a young age whilst learning about skin science I was suffering with my own skin conditions. Through my skin health journey whilst being in the industry it taught me to understand not only the physical aspects of treating your skin health but also the emotional traumas that come with the journey.

Now with 10+ years experience in the industry i am confident in saying that I have helped many individuals with their skin health. I not only help my clients treat their skin conditions but I educate them on their skin health functions so they are able to then maintain their skin health on their own. My clients entrust me with their skin and can always feel assured knowing that I will be working with them every step of the way.

My goal for every client who walks through Jorja Skin Stylist Studio feels a sense of comfort and reassurance knowing they will get the support they need throughout their skin health journey.

At Jorja’s Skin Stylist Studio, we’re passionate about providing our clients with exceptional care, utilising state-of-the-art equipment, and harnessing the power of result driven treatments and clinical skin care. Our commitment lies not just in surface-level treatments but in delving deep into the intricacies of individual skin types to bring about long-lasting improvements.

Unveiling the Art of Personalised Clinical Skincare:

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to skincare. Recognising this fundamental truth, Jorja’s Skin Stylist Studio takes a holistic approach to skincare that considers the uniqueness of each individual’s skin. Jorja specialises in beginning each consultation by carefully analysing the client’s skin type, concerns, and lifestyle factors. Understanding that skincare is deeply intertwined with overall well-being, Jorja takes the time to listen and understand her clients on a personal level, ensuring that the best treatment plan is designed for your skin needs.

Nurturing a Comforting Experience:

Beyond achieving visible results, Jorja’s Skin Stylist Studio places great importance on providing our valued clients with a relaxing and comforting ambience. We understand that self-care is essential to overall skin health, and our studio is designed to be an oasis of tranquillity. Every detail is carefully curated to promote a sense of serenity and renewal, from the soothing music that permeates the space to the calming scents that envelop you.

Empowering Lives through Skin Wellness:

As an integral part of our commitment to the wellness community, Jorja’s Skin Stylist Studio is devoted to enriching lives through skin wellness. With every treatment availed, our clients become part of a powerful force for positive change, helping us uplift lives and create a more compassionate world.


A bespoke skin analysis consultation tailored for each individual.
Using the state of the art OBSERV 520x skin analysis device,
you will be educated and gain information about your skin health.

Opening Hours
Sunday – 8am – 2pm
Monday – 6pm – 10pm
Tuesday – 6pm – 10pm
Wednesday – 10am – 10pm
Thursday – 10am – 10pm
Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 3pm

We require a $50 deposit for your appointment booking. This $50 can be used towards your treatment or product purchases. If you cancel or are needing to rebook your appointment outside of the 48 hour cancelation policy your $50 deposit will be redeemed from your account.

Cancellation / Rebooking Policy
If you are needing to cancel or rebook your appointment you will need to inform the skin studio of this 48 hours prior to your appointment. If the studio is informed of you needing to cancel or rebook your appointment outside of the 48hour cancelation policy your $50 deposit will be redeemed from your account.

Jorja Skin Stylist Studio

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